We are looking for the speakers around the world!

Share your knowledge, practice and special vision
of the development of new technologies in architecture,
become a speaker of the Architecture of the Future 2018
to be held October 4-5 in Kyiv.


The Architecture of the Future — is the biggest architecture
conference in Eastern Europe that brings together
authorities, architects, engineers, developers, media - all
who seek to change the city through the development
of advanced technologies and the creation of iconic projects


New clients

We invite development companies from all over Eastern Europe - this is a chance to tell about your experience to potential clients

Brand awareness

Eastern Europe region has a high potential in the development of the real estate market due to the lack of saturation of most real estate segments. Take a chance to express your brand

Media coverage

We guarantee some publications in the media - over 60 media will be covering the conference

Share your vision

We promote the principles of knowledge sharing - more than 1,000 guests will be your listeners

Become a part of the community

We are going to host the biggest annual architecture conference in Eastern Europe

Get information

We are preparing a report on the situation in the real estate market of Eastern Europe - be the first to find out how the region will develop further

the main topics

How VR/AR/AI are changing
present and future of the architecture

3D printing
as a new shape
for architecture


Smart city as new
platform for living

The sustainable strategies
for the cities development

Mega projects, supertalls and
new cities within the existing cities

We are looking for speakers with a unique interesting
experience and practice. We are looking for architects,
seeking to change the world and their cities for the better!
We are looking for shining eyes
that can ignite the audience!

The search for speakers will be completed on July 31, 2018

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AF Team

This application is exclusively confidential and any information will not be given publicity
until the official announcement of the speaker and only by his consent.